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Dry Pastels

Our Unison Colour soft pastels were created by the artist John Hersey and are 100% handmade in Northumberland.   

They distinguish themselves via their extraordinary softness. All colours are produced with pure pigments and are not blended with black or white. We offer the complete range of 380 colors in "small" and 314 colors in "standard" size. Moreover, there exist assortments of 8 and 18 colours, as well as primer, landscape and portrait assortments containing 8, 36 and 72 colors and assortments with 16, 30, 63 and 120 half sticks.


New: Mini-Sets with 8 half pastels.



We  offer the complete range of 380 small pastels in 6 boxes  of 72 pastels

each + 20 as well as all single small and standard pastels.


On request we are also able to deliver very large dry pastels. 


Sennelier dry pastels à L'ecu are available in 525 colours and two sizes; as small dry pastels and in "jumbo" format.

New Sets:          Seascape, Animal, Botanical

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